Antonello TATA  

Espressionismo surreale   ~  Surrealistic Expressionism






















(FROM  2005  ON)


KOREA from 2005

CHINA from 2005

JAPAN from 2005


TIBET 2007


VIETNAM 2005/06


INDIA 2006

THAILAND 2006/2010





NEPAL from 2006 on


NEPAL Everest/Island Peak

LAOS 2009



NEPAL Annapurna


INDIA 2010






PERU 1982











Art  is vision and interpretation of the external reality through the superstructures and the filters of the artist's sensitivity and culture.  

In the work realization the artist carries his own experiences of life, as well as  reflections, intuitions  and feelings on the work subject and join them with the acquaintance of  techniques and procedures. All these parameters  influence and determine the result and  the expressive choices.    

Antonello (of birth Antonino) Tata was born in the mountainous inland of the Sicily  and lived in Rome from 1967 to 2004. Since early 2005 he moved to Far East.  

In Rome he attended the “Mamiani” Grammar school and subsequently the Faculty of Nuclear Engineering (University of Rome), from which he exited very soon with a Ph.D. (1976) in order to immediately approach the world of the professional job (industrial engineering before and scientific research later).   Since the beginning of 2005 he is acting  as Scientific Attache' at Italian Embassy in Seoul.

The oil painting has been practiced since the first years ('60) under the initial guide of masters professional painters, but in the following years long stops of inactivity due to professional or contingent reasons have been recorded, exceeded  only in  the late '90s.  

The ‘80 and ‘90 years represent periods of long travels and permanence abroad  for job or tourism.

Both the exasperated curiosity  for the world and its people, and the never stopped wish of adventure have pushed Tata to travel all over the world, and in particular to Asia, where the loaded colours are dominant in wide spaces under an always intense sky during day and night. If Western Countries will be later the most visited sites for professional job reasons, the Middle and Far East will strongly influence, as shapes and colours, the painting of Tata. In the Tata’s paintings, as a matter of fact, it is easy to find, resumed from the memory, the shapes of the Middle East mosques and minarets, the Chinese lines of sheer mountains and soft rivers, the Jordan desert cliffs, the colours intense and unconventional of  Uzbekhistan or India's people.  

The scientific research, current professional job of Tata, represents a not negligible additional key of artist understanding: practicing it, in fact, the fantasy is always in exercise and, moreover, it is also physiologically  usual to get accustomed to new experimentations and to run unusual ways.  

The painting components of  Tata, that, as whichever artist resumes in the own works experiences and memories on the lines of the own inwardness, reside in a inexhaustible curiosity and search of the new, which mirror of the own professional life, but also of its personal irresistible intolerance to daily life normality. 

In conclusion, the works of A.Tata represent a fully unconventional “research painting”, ranging from post-impressionist figurative to abstract, reaching an original artistic path of surrealistic expressionism.

 Tata’s paintings are to be considered and evaluated for their originality, as surely unusual are the personal and professional connotations originating the works, whose alarming unforeseeability, sometimes nearly oneiric, is sharpened from the audacious chromatic choices, but mitigated, however, from a reassuring composition search of equilibriums.    

Since the end of 2000, A.Tata joined to "ESSENTIALIST" artistic movement of Rome, grouping figurative professional painters.

A.Tata is referred since 2001 as "Forum-Interart" Gallery (Rome) Artist  ( and since 2002 he is included and selected as Artist in the prestigious "Modern Art Catalogue - Contemporary Artists 2002", A.C.C.A. in Arte Editrice srl (

In the 2005 a new and intense soul adventure was started due to a long foreseen staying in the Far East. Such situation will soon produce new and unforeseable creative perspectives.

Exhibitions 2000-2003

  • European Plate “Cupole”, exhibition for selected artists, by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome, with assignment of the painting prize “Cupole” European Plate (dic. 2000).

  • Collective exhibition by Trevignano Romano (Rome) (dic.2000). 

  • Exhibition Review " ASTRATTARTE", by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome (February 2001).  

  • St. Valentine Art 2001", Trophy, exhibition for selected artists by Gallery  Forum-Interart of Rome (February 2001), with assignment of the “St Valentine Art 2001 " Trophy .

  • "LANDSCAPES IN ART", exhibition by Gallery  Forum-Interart of Rome (March 2001).

  • "I FIORI (FLOWERS)", International competition on a subject (17-23/03) with selection of a picture for forthcoming "Settembre 2001 Arte (September 2001 Art)"

  • "IL MARE, NAVI E VELIERI (SEA, SHIPS, SAILING-SHIPS)", Exhibition of paintings (31/03-6/04).

  • "TIMBRO D'AUTORE (AUTHOR SEAL)", Free subject Exhibition (apr. 2001), with assignment and official registration of personal Certification Seal.

  • "XVIII Mostra Collettiva d'Arte (Art Collective Exhibition)", Chiostro (Cloister) Basilica SS.Cosma e Damiano, Via dei Fori Imperiali 1, Rome (24-30/4).

  • "ARTE INFORMALE (UNFORMAL ART)", Exhibition by  Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome (19-25/05/2001).

  • "CASTEL SANT'ANGELO" Exhibition inside the " CASTEL SANT'ANGELO NATIONAL MUSEUM" - Paintings exhibition C.A.P.IT. (Confed. di Azione Popolare Italiana) - (Rome, 10-20/06/2001)

  • "NETTUNO OPEN ART",  Exhibition by  "Forte San Gallo" - Nettuno (Rome),  (28/06-07/07-2001)

  • "THE  ESSENTIALISTS AT TORRITA DI SIENA", Exhibition of Essentialist Artists paintings by the Torrita di Siena (Tuscany) municipal building (4-18/07/2001) 

  • GLI ESSENZIALISTI (ESSENTIALISTS)", Exhibition of Essentialist Artists paintings by Galleria Forum-Interart of Rome (4-19/07/2001)

  • "PALAZZO BARBERINI (BARBERINI PALACE)" - Exhibition of selected Artists by the "Sala Giulio Cesare (Julius Ceasar Hall)",  Rome (23-28/07/2001)

  • "I FIORI (THE FLOWERS)", International Contest by Galleria Forum-Interart di Roma (october 6-12, 2001)

  • "SURREALISTI CONTEMPORANEI A ROMA (CONTEMPORARY SURREALISTS IN ROME)", I^  International Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome in cooperation with the London Bit Art Gallery (october 13-19, 2001)

  • "DIECI IN ARTE (TEN IN ART)" (Ten artists exhibit their best works), by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome (10-16 november 2001)

  • "NATALE FORUM (CHRISTMAS FORUM) XXV Ed.", by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome (15 december 2001 - 4 january 2002)

  • "CIAO LIRA (BY BY LIRA)", by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome (february 2-8, 2002)

  • "MASCHERE - IL CARNEVALE NELL'ARTE (MASKS - CARNIVAL IN ART)", by Gallery Forum-Interart di Roma (9-15 february 2002) 

  • "ARGENTO (SILVER)" FORUM-INTERART: 25 YEARS OF HISTORY , by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome ( 23-29 march, 2002)

  • "XIX Mostra Collettiva d'Arte (Art Collective Exhibition)", Chiostro (Cloister) Basilica SS.Cosma e Damiano, Via dei Fori Imperiali 1, Rome (10-14 april 2002)

  • "COLORE ED ESPRESSIONE", Art Gallery "FARRI", Via R.Battistini 125 - Rome (6-22 april 2002) 

  • SMALL PERSONAL Exhibition, by the Art Gallery "LA PIGNA, Via della Pigna 13 - Rome (11-18 april 2002)

  • "NEW AGE", Exhibition by the PALAZZO DELLE ESPOSIZIONI - Rome (20-21 april 2002)

  • Exhibition by the "Atelier Gustave" - 36, Rue Boissonade (Montparnasse) PARIS (France) - 23 apr. - 5 may 2002

  • "AMARCORD", by Gallery Forum-Interart of Rome (sept. 14-26, 2002)

  • PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO (MONTECARLO) :  Exhibition "KONTEMPORARTE, Percorsi d'Arte 2002-2003 (Art routes 2002-2003)", linked to the European Project "INSIDE" - Hotel  MARRIOTT, Antibes and Cannes Halls (Port de Cap D'Ail - 06320 CAP D'AIL, Montecarlo, Monaco - 19 dec.2002 - 2 jan.2003)

  • "L'AURIGA D'ORO" - Collective Exhibhition of visual Arts by  Gallery FORUM-INTERART of Rome- European aknowledgement by invitation 24-30 may 2003

  • "L'ACQUA NELLA BIBBIA - Luce e forma (Water in the Bible - Light and shape)" - National Exhibhition by Gallery La PIGNA (UCAI), Via della Pigna 13a Roma - 16-23 dec. 2003



  •  Programmes suspended at present

   December 2007